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Meet Our Eye Specialist Doctors in Delhi/NCR, India

Medical Director

Dr Atul Kumar_edited.jpg

Prof (Dr) Atul Kumar

Medical Director, AKIO

Vitero-Retinal Diseases and surgeries, Uvea, Retinal Imaging & Ocular Trauma

Dr Atul Kumar is the  Medical Director of AKIO. He is the first to introduce micro incision and 3-D vitreous surgery in India. He has served in the field of vitreoretinal medicine and surgery for 41 years at AIIMS, New Delhi. 



Dr Aman Kumar is a Consultant at AK Institute of Ophthalmology. He was a gold medalist of his batch during MS. His specialisation is in Phacoemulsification, Uvea, ROP & Vitreo-Retinal diseases. 

Dr Aman Kumar


Cataract, Uvea & Vitreo-Retinal diseases 

Dr Surabhi Dutt.jpg

Dr. Surabhi Dutt is a Consultant at AK Institute of Ophthalmology. Her specialisation is in Phacoemulsification and Corneal diseases. She has completed her fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery.

Dr Surabhi Dutt


Cataract, Refractive and corneal diseases/surgeries

Dr Gaurav Garg - Passport size.JPG

Dr Gaurav is a Ocular Oncology, Oculoplastic and Aesthetic surgeon. He has done his fellowship from New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Mount Sinai and New York Eye Cancer Centre. 

Dr Gaurav Garg 

Visiting consultant

Ocular Oncology, Orbit and Oculoplasty 

Management Team

Parul Kumar_edited.jpg

Mrs Parul Kumar


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